Many people choose to get a massage every once in a while to relax and relieve themselves of the daily stress. A good massage is not just great for your mental health but also your physical health. It relaxes your stiff muscles, relieves pain, improves breathing and speeds up blood flow for oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles quickly. You could either visit a massage therapist or sit on a massage chair when you are in the mood for a massage. Massage chairs are growing in popularity because of the convenience and performance they offer. If you are unsure whether to make an investment in buying a massage chair or not, here are some pros and cons of owning a massage chair:

Advantage of using a massage chair:

  1.       The first and the biggest advantage of having a massage chair in your home is that you can enjoy a good massage whenever you want to. After a long tiring day you do not have to put in extra effort to visit a good spa in order to get a massage. You simply need to head straight home, throw yourself in your massage chair, press a single button and relax.
  2.       Another advantage of a massage chair is the realistic massage that it provides. The good massage chairs will use actual massage techniques to relax your muscles and relieve your stress. They use rollers, heating pads, air pads and even more advanced tools inside their skin to produce a variety of different massages on your skin. You can even choose one of the improved auto-programs which will combine different massage techniques and timings to create relaxing massages.
  3.       Another big advantage of keeping a massage chair over visiting a massage therapist on a regular basis is that it is cost effective for you in the long run. If you visit a spa regularly you will have to pay for the services every time. Instead a massage chair is a big investment in the beginning but once you bring it home you can enjoy a massage anytime without paying anything.

Disadvantage of using a massage chair:

  1.       A good massage chair can be quite expensive so the initial cost can be a burden for many people. You may need to motivate yourself to spend a huge amount initially after which you can get a massage without paying anything.
  2.       Another problem may be the size and weight of a massage chair. Massage chairs are generally quite heavy and require a lot of space to keep and operate. You can only choose to buy a massage chair if you have ample space in your house to keep it. If it is a recliner, it will require even greater space to take a reclined position.
  3.       Another thing which many people might find inconvenient about a massage chair is that they have to operate the controls on their own. When getting a massage from the massage therapist, you will not need to think or do anything. The massage therapist is in complete control of the massage while you can simply lay back and relax.